Renters Agreement

IMPORTANT: Before making your reservation, please read our complete Cancellation Policy here.

Renter Agreement

1. The Renter is familiar with the boat and its safety equipment and is aware of how to operate a VHF radio and safely refuel the
2. That the Renter is familiar with geographical boundaries of The Abaco Sound Area.
3. That the Renter is aware of the relevant provisions of the Bahamian law as they relate to the regulation of the operation of the
motor vessel.
1. That the rental of the boat does not include gas or oil consumed.
2. That the Renter has inspected the boat and acknowledges it to be in good condition.

Renter Agrees

1. To pay the owner the agreed amount per day for the rental of the boat or weekly rate 2. To return the boat by the agreed time on the agreed date
3. To return the boat in like good condition as when taken and to reimburse the Owner for the cost of repairs and service in respect of
any and all damages.
4. To navigate, dock, anchor and secure the boat and equipment appropriately so as to prevent damage to the boat, motor equipment
and/or dock, other boats or property, resulting from existing or changing weather conditions.
5. Not to allow any passenger to ride on the bow or gunnel of the boat and not to use the boat for water skiing or towing of any kind.
6. To accept and pay reasonable service charges for service of the boat which may be required as a result of carelessness or neglect on
the part of the Renter.
7. To operate the boat in daylight hours only. Boat may be used to cross the harbour using a flashlight after dark.
8. To indemnify the Owner against all losses, actions, claims, demands proceeding (weather criminal or civil) cost, legal expenses (on
a full indemnity bases) and call liabilities, judgments, damages or other sanctions whenever arising directly or indirectly from the
Renter’s failure to carry out his/her obligations under the Agreement or by reason of any loss, injury or damage suffered by any
person from the presence of the boat or the delivery, possession, use, operation, removal or return of the boat or any defect in the
boat or in the design or manufacture of the boat.
9. Nobody under the age of 21 may operate the boat.
10.The Renter is totally responsible for any damage to the boat or loss of any items.
11.The Renter willingly signs and leaves blank a manual imprint of his/her credit card or a copy of the credit card with his/her
authorized signature, for the purpose of security during your rental period. You consent to allow Water Ways Boat Rentals to be
able to charge your account in the event of your absence all agreed upon rental fees and other charges relating to your rental. You
further give Water Ways Boat Rentals ‘after the fact permission’ to charge your credit card for any and all rental fees, gasoline and
oil, or damages occurring to boat, motor and equipment during your rental period.
The Renter is only allowed to operate the boat on the Sound Side, other then the Fowl Cay Park
The Renter is NOT permitted to operate the boat in the ATLANTIC ocean or BEHIND the outer cays.

Option 1: $16.50 per day - $1,000 Deductible Engine/Boat
Option 2: No Insurance – Renter is responsible for all damages regardless of fault.
The Insurance Policy covers boat and motor only within the Abaco Sound when used in compliance with the terms and conditions set out in
this Rental Agreement. Insurance does not cover any damage to the boat or motor outside the Abaco Sound or on the Atlantic side of the
Abaco Cays. The Insurance Policy does not apply to any personal injury arising from the use of any Water Ways Boat Rentals equipment and
I agree to be responsible for and to indemnify and hold harmless Water Ways Boat Rentals (It’s principals, employees and agents), against
ALL injury of any kind which may occur to any person or property arising directly or indirectly, howsoever, during my rental of the said boat,
engine and other equipment. Insurance does not include damages caused by running the engine out of oil. Renter is fully responsible for any
damages sustained while the boat is operated by anyone else under the age of 21 years old. Insurance does not include use before Sunrise or
after Dark.