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Lost and Found
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As a 26-year owner of homes on nearby Elbow Cay I always longed to be a “Man O War Boy”. After selling my Elbow Cay home in 2009. I decided to purchase a cottage in the settlement on MOW. The one we liked was called “Low Overhead” and its pale yellow siding, blue metal roof, and white picket fence captivated us. It had recently been completely renovated down to the studs so we figured it would be inexpensive to maintain – hence the name “Low Overhead”. When we arrived to see it the first time and walked in we were very surprised to see that the ceiling height in the living room and kitchen was 6’ 2” – the real “Low Overhead”. We bought it and re-named it “Lost and Found” for Jackie’s propensity to lose things; then find them. We started renovations again with our caretaker Glenn Albury doing the work. We took out the 2nd floor, put in beams to stiffen the cottage and added a tongue and groove ceiling, thus creating a wide-open cathedral ceiling. We enlarged a storage room and made a master bedroom, laundry, and bathroom with a large tiled shower. We hope you enjoy our cottage and the warm, friendly MOW people.

Our four seat GOLF CART IS INCLUDED for your use by licensed drivers 25 years old or older.
Two Bedrooms (Queen and Twins), two Bathrooms. Master Bathroom has a large tiled shower (shower with a friend and save water). Flat Screen TVs (cable) in Living Room and both Bedrooms. Living Room/Kitchen with beams and wood tongue and groove cathedral ceiling. Flat Screen 39” TV (cable with sports channels) in Living Room. Very well equipped kitchen with microwave oven, coffee maker, and dishwasher. Central Air and back up generator. All furniture and bedding new in 2013. Convenient location. Close to our dock where you may keep your rental boat. Beach towels are not provided – bring your own. We supply the initial soap, toilet paper, and paper towels. one half block to the harbour and our dock and 5 minutes walk to the ocean beach

$1,128.75 FOR 2 PEOPLE
$1,467.75 FOR 4 PEOPLE

Golf Cart
Included at no cost but we must ask you to go strickly by the rules. Adult licensed drivers 25 years old or older only as this is the liability insurance we have. ManO War has had some bad exteriences with children driving golf carts (which is illegal in the Bahamas). If the local people see children driving golf carts they will report them and you to the police. So unless you want to spend part of your vacation in the Marsh Harbour courtroom, please follow the rules. The cart, named "Lost & Found" will be at the ferry dock on your day of arrival with the key in the dash tray.

Explore all road and streets on the Island. This is the way we all wished we lived.

Lunch or dinner at Dock & Dine (come by boat or walk in)-very good cooking. Try the D&D fried fish or crawfish (lobster) both with cheese.

Bradley’s on the Harbour (currently closed) is also very good. MOW is a dry island but you can bring your wine or liquor bottles to the restaurants. They’ll even put your wine bottle on ice. Alcoholic beverages can be purchased in Marsh Harbour, Hope Town, or brought over on the plane. A few local families cook lunches and dinners to go and advertise them on the telephone poles (very good).

Shop at Joe’s Studio, the Sail Shop, and at Seaside Boutique

Grocery Shopping – We have two grocery stores but I must recommend you look at Jeff’s Harbour Store. You will never see a place so neat. The one nearest us is MOW Grocery. They have the largest selection and are very nice folks. Part of the fun of grocery shopping in the Abaco’s is discovering the unexpected- Haagen Daz today, Lender’s bagels tomorrow.

Miss Lola – our local baker, she rides around selling from her golf cart. See if you can resist her.

Explore by boat – poke into the nooks & crannies such as the Eastern Harbour and the little harbour past the Sail Shop.

Our clean island – so clean we do not ever let our garbage spend the night

Ice cream, Milkshakes, Malts, and Sundaes can be purchased at Island Treats in front of MOW marina.

Swim at the low spot mid island. There is a gazebo if you want to get out of the sun. Ocean on one side, beach on the calm side. Very narrow spot. Many ocean side beaches the whole length of MOW.

Within 20 miles are four other islands with communities founded in the 1700’s. Spend your days swimming, diving, and exploring the cays, beaches, and reefs. Stop for lunch at any of the islands and you will be nice and tired by the time you return to “Lost & Found”.

Elbow Cay (Hope Town) – Stroll the quaint village with some nice shops and an art gallery. Have lunch at one of the local restaurants. Of special note is Firefly on down the island. Try the lobster fritters. TahitiBeach is on the south end. It looks like the South Pacific.

South of Elbow Cay – Nice beaches near south end of Tilloo cay. Two restaurants on Lubbers Quarters Cay. Great snorkeling at Sandy Cay National Park with mooring balls. Great beaches at the Pelican Cays and along Lynyard Cay. At the end of the Sea of Abaco is Little Harbour. Eat lunch at the ever-colorful Pete’s Pub, made from wrecked ships and driftwood. Pick a calm day to go this far.

Fowl Cays – The last Cay before Scotland Cay used to have a natural hot tub on its beach. I intend to restore it this year. (UPDATE) Mother nature did it for me. It is back and it is wonderful. Near high tide water from the ocean flows into the hot tub and as the tide falls it is catured in the pool and gets heated by the sun. Near high tide it is fun to lay on the smooth rocks at the hot tub's ocean end and let the waves flow over you. Sometimes tropical fish get caught in the rocks surrounding the hot tub and dids love to collect a few before letting them go. Snorkeling is great on the ocean side of the Fowl Cays.

Scotland Cay – Private island but the lagoon between it and Guana Cay is fabulous for a swim. Entrance into the lagoon at the north end of Scotland is shallow but tilt your motor and drift over the bar.

Guana Cay – Lunch and drinks at Nippers. Their Sunday brunch brings the crowds and they have two swimming pools. Baker’s Bay at the north end is a fabulous resort with marina and golf course. Lunch there is great. Go around the end of the island to see one of the most fabulous beaches anywhere.

Treasure Cay – On the Abaco mainland with a fabulous beach, marina, golf course, and restaurants.

Green Turtle Cay – Nice island to explore on a calm day. The village of New Plymouth is very interesting with a fine museum and the Loyalist Park honoring Bahamian people. There are several restaurants. In White Sound is the ever-popular Green Turtle Club and the Bluff House Hotel.

Marsh Harbour – The commercial hub of Abaco. Some great restaurants. The airport servicing MOW cay is here. Mermaid reef, near here, is a nice place to snorkel.

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